Why Trolls Attack

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#1 dunning-kruger effect

Part of the competency/confidence loop.

How do you know what you don’t know?

70:20:10 principle

7x your learning through doing

4-MAT instructional Design Model

  • When you know why, you work out what to do
  • What is about performance
  • How is about values
  • What if is about survival

Preferred learning style...

  • Training – Competency
  • Mentoring – Proficiency
  • Coaching – Growth

Diffusion of Innovation

  • Project/Finite game theory
  • Chasm now a hump
  • Laggards now miss a generation

#2 Weakness in 4P’s

  • Any weakness and a business will fail
  • No weakness does not = growth
  • 3 strengths will not overcome 1 weakness (terminal illness)

#3 Changes in the Sales Funnel

  • marketing is NOT revenue generating
  • Customers know your competitors products (better than you)
  • Give before you get
  • Build trust relationship

Pirate Metrics

  • Because they AARRR
  • Sales without relationship misses retention and referral
  • Life-time value = RRR x (?)
  • Post-purchase loop

#4 Marketing’s effect on profits

  • Sets the price customers are willing to pay (actual price/worth)
  • value is how much the customer can use right now
  • USP is what a customer will pay you extra for (sales growth)

#5 Perceived risk – Challenging Authority

  1. Networking, Feels right – why
  2. Writing down notes/recipes – what
  3. Putting it all together – how
  4. Get it into your head – what if this happens?

#6 Because I need to

  • I do what I love doing – Best
  • I love what I do – Ok
  • I do whatever it takes – Worst

#7 frustration – high amount of skill

Navigate the world of work – Manage career and work life; work with roles, rights and protocols

Interact with others – Communicate for work; Connect and work with others; Recognise and utilise diverse perspectives

Get the work done – Plan and organise; Make decisions; Identify and solve problems; Create and innovate; Work in a digital world

#8 The Job to be done

  • Leadership/Strategy (manager)
  • Delegate and supervise tasks
  • Get the work done
  • Team roles

#9 Attachment strategy

  • Fearful – Fight, flight or Freeze
  • Dismissing – Overly Positive, ignore the naysayers 
  • Preoccupied – clingy, defensive to outsiders

#10 Core sensitivities

The core sensitivities aren’t describing actions we take or even necessarily the behaviour we manifest; instead, they categorize the motivation for our actions.

Small Business Owner Internship


Implement social media and online customer engagement Skill Set

Identify social media and online platforms

Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms

Use social media and online tools

Analyse performance of social media and online business tools.


Who should do it?

Business Owners

Save time and money by learning what works, and what to ask for

New Parents

Looking to keep in contact with the outside world and have adult conversations

Out of Office

Flexible work arrangements, or going back to "the office" is just to depressing

Build Authority

Research your book, and test your ideas worth spreading

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Being able to handle trolls is an essential skill in successful businesses, but it doesn’t have to be the people on the front line that should have to do it. Who has their backs? Usually, it’s a “First Follower”.

First Followers are the ones who draw fire away from the obvious targets of troll attacks. It’s how they gain power. But how does that happen… when you know why trolls attack, you know what to do.

I’m not saying First Follows can dodge bullets, I’m saying they don’t have to. Their job is to take it from behind the lines, and let the front line get on with doing their jobs.

They are the unsung heroes of a business.

This is their story.

Taking it from behind: how first followers gain power.