Sales Template

Marketing doesn’t make you money… what you do with it does.

That’s called Sales!

How can you prepare your kids for the future of work? Maybe they can help you now?
This video was made on a mobile phone!

What type of business are you?

Stars have unit sales with a high market share in a fast-growing industry.Question marks are businesses operating with a low market share in a high-growth market. 
Cash cows are where a company has a high market share in a slow-growing industry Dogs, more charitably called pets, have low market share in a mature, slow-growing industry

BCG matrix

“Sales funnels” mean you need to do more marketing work than ever!

Online customers today want to see you more than 20 times before they make a purchase, more if they don’t even notice you.

BCG Sales Funnel
Does that make it clear what you should do?

Outsource your marketing manager

Marketing Division
Spend your time wisely
Expo hall
Are all your customers starting to look the same?

don’t find sales… let them find you

Video Ads
Social Media
Moving pictures

What people say about what we do…

This was me before Marketing Division. Now, when I’m on the phone it’s to a customer, and the only worry I have is when can we meet.

I used to get nervous that no one would turn up to my speaking gigs. Now I get nervous about how big the crowds are going to be.

As a busy mum, I need to make sure all the time I have in business is taken up by converting quality leads, so I get quality time with my kids.

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